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Bangladesh ! its a small dot on the world map, Bangladesh is poet’s “Golden Bengal”. Its a small green spot beside the Bay of Bengal of world map. Bangladesh emerged as an independent and sovereign country on 16 December 1971following a nine-month WAR OF LIBERATION. Dhaka (previously spelt Dacca) is its capital. Bangladesh is an unexplored stopover destination for holiday makers.

Situated in the north eastern part of South Asia, covering a total area of 147,570 sq km.


WEST BENGAL (India) on the west; West Bengal, ASSAM and Meghalaya (all the Indian states) on the north; Indian states of Assam, TRIPURA and Mizoram together with Myanmar on the east; and BAY OF BENGAL on the south. The total length of the land border is about 4,246 km, of which 93.9% is shared with India and the rest 6% with Myanmar.

Climate Sub-tropical MONSOON with temperature ranging from a day time low of 18°C in the cold season to a maximum 38°C in the summer with an average annual rainfall of 78.8 inches. The country has mainly four seasons i.e. the Winter (Dec-Feb), Summer (Mar-May), Monson (June-Sept) and Autumn (Oct-Nov). Winter is a pleasant season when average maximum and minimum temperatures are 26.5°C and 13.5°C respectively. But the best season for the tourists is from October-March. However, rainy season has got its own charm for the tourists.

Tourist spots Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Chittagong, Sylhet, Kuakata (Patuakhali), Sundarban (Khulna). The 120-km long Cox’s Bazar sea beach is considered to be the longest in the world. The tribal life in RANGAMATI, offers a repository of wonderful scenic splendours with flora and fauna of varied description. Sylhet, the land of “Two leaves and bud” with its gently rolling hills, lush green tea gardens and vast unexplored wetlands provides another unforgettable destination. Kuakata is a unique beach for viewing sunrise as well as sun-setting. The SUNDARBANS FOREST, the largest mangrove forest in the world, is the natural habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger. And in the rainy season the whole of Bangladesh turns into a natural wonder.

Archaeological sites PAHARPUR (5 km west of Jamalganj railway station in Joypurhat district, actually the site includes the BADALGACHI upazila of Naogaon district), MAHASTHANGARH (about 12 km north of Bogra town), BHASU VIHARA (about 4.8-6.4 km northwest of Mahasthangarh), MAINAMATI (8 km west of Comilla town), HALUD VIHARA (about 14.5 km west-south-west of Paharpur), SITAKOT VIHARA (Nawabganj upzila of Dinajpur district).

Population Total population 150.27 million; density 890 persons per sq. km.

Currency The unit is Taka, made up of 100 paisa. The present rate of exchange is one US$ equivalent to Taka 68.43 .

Language The state language and mother tongue of a vast majority is Bangla, but English is widely spoken and understood.

Time GMT + 6 hours.

Bangladesh is a humid low lying alluvial region, it is composed mainly of the great combined delta of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna rivers. It is one of the largest deltas in the world. Tourist from abroad came to see and enjoy the sea beach, scenic beauty of the landscape covered with lavish greens and the web of rivers, tribal culture, religious rituals, historical places, forests, wild life and hill resorts. Bangladesh is located in an advantageous position from tourist point of view. It is in the macro Asiatic Air Traffic Corridor. Being so located it is very easier for a tourist to come and visit this beautiful country, when he made plan to visit India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, with very little extra efforts or means.